Business Advisory

Growth and change are two realities that no business can afford to ignore. Need for change today is realised in ownership, operational, legal and other structures of the company to obtain financial efficiency, operational efficiency, tax optimization and complete/part monetization of the business. Our team can help our clients face these changes with confidence as we help you structure your business appropriately for your environment and scale.

With scale come increasing issues of regulatory compliance, right from Company Law compliances to FEMA related issues and more. Our team, with its experience in the field of law, can help you transact and continue to grow while remaining in compliance with the myriad laws and regulations that affect your business.

On the corporate finance side, our team of analysts can help you with project appraisals, capital budgeting and cash flow management issues. We can conduct sophisticated what-if analyses for projects under consideration, comparative analyses of project options including risk and sensitivity analyses of each of them.

Anchal Agarwal elucidates the concept of Direct Tax Due Diligence