Wealth Management & Planning

Our Total Wealth Management & Planning services are geared to help you take a holistic view of all your assets, income sources, lifestyles and future needs and liabilities.

Wealth management and investment decisions should ideally be based on this holistic picture. We are particularly sensitive to your special situations and the local aspects of wealth ownership and management. We consider, among others, the following aspects:

Ownership of assets across different family members and firms/companies
Tax aspects of creating income sources for different individuals
Inheritance and estate planning aspects
Special situations
Longevity and health care aspects

In these and other aspects, we understand that there are no set formulas that work for everyone. We strive, therefore, to work out plans that are systematic yet customized to the specific needs of each client.

Having provided for overall asset allocation and planning, we actively help you manage your equities portfolio through our broking, research and portfolio management services as well.